About Gemini Design
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I can talk for hours about Gemini Design, but I’d probably run out of webspace.


Gemini Design was born in 2005 out of my interest and passion for web design and Graphic Design.


The first 10 years, Gemini Design was my side business as I worked fulltime for Cisco Systems as first an engineer in networking technology (my other passion) and then as a service people and business manager (my third passion…) with responsibility for the EMEAR Tier-1 customers, the main service providers.


I obtained CCIE certification in 2001 and am still hugely interested in networking technology.


The year 2015 announced itself with many changes and I felt the time had come to make a very important choice. I chose to go completely for Gemini Design.


My main passion and love however has always been graphical design and web design.  I noticed early on that it is very hard to find a single point of contact that can provide both technically and graphically pleasing websites.  Add networking and print media to the mix and Gemini design can be your one stop shop to put your company on the map virtually and in real life.


If you are looking for a good looking website that will attract customers to your business, please reach out to me.  I will be more than happy to explore the options with you.